Simply Snack is the second iOS app that I have made with Swift. After making my first app (Lapis News), I learned a lot about app development. I decided to try and make another iOS app, this time implementing everything I had learned and creating a full-fledged app experience with a database and authentication. As for the idea, during the lockdown, I had been trying to eat healthier by logging my meals in apps like MyFitnessPal, but I quickly gave up because I had to log my calories, servings, and a lot of other information that I didn’t care about. I was looking for a food diary app where you only have to take a picture of the food, which is much easier than logging a bunch of information. Since none fit my requirements, I decided to make my own. And thus, Simply Snack was born.

Simply Snack is the easiest way to keep track of your food and diet. Log your food easily by just taking a picture of it. There’s no need for long descriptions, dull questions, or complicated systems – and no need to stress about what you should or shouldn’t eat.

Simply Snack was designed to be the quickest way to log your meals. By using it, you always have your daily meals at a glance, and can easily view past meals. If you are having trouble eating, you can use Simply Snack to track everything you eat so you can easily show your doctor your eating habits.

Never wonder what you ate again and see an up-to-date diary of your meals with the profile page, and explore new recipes from all around the world every day with the explore page.

Download Simply Snack today – it’s free, simple & easy-to-use!

Simply Snack - Your daily meals at a glance. | Product Hunt

What I learned

  • How to work with backend databases

  • How to manage authentication with Firebase

  • Complex UI design with Figma

  • Multi-paged app development in swift

  • How to market apps with social media